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The Univo Screw Cap Recapper SR008 is developed in conjunction with several leading laboratories. The handheld device offers users the ability to cap, decap or recap a row of 8 tubes in less than 5 seconds - 10 times faster than by hand! Thereby, minimizing sample evaporation and significantly improving productivity. In addition, the Screw Cap Recapper ensures each screw cap is reproducibly tightened securely and uniformly. Benefiting from a purely manual operation, the Screw Cap Recapper SR008 requires no battery charging and is always available for use. Whether you are looking to recap tubes with the same or new caps it is easy to position the screw caps above tubes using the SR008. When removing screw caps, the large ejection handle makes discarding the old caps a simple single action task. The reliable and robust Micronic Screw Cap Recapper SR008 comes with a 3-year warranty!

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