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Cost saving solution for -80ºC storage

Did you know this year is the 15th birthday of Micronic's TPE Capcluster-96? Fifteen years ago we introduced the first TPE Capcluster-96 in the natural color. Over the years we have gradually added new color options and last year we introduced a new comprehensive cap color range. The Micronic capcluster is an easy to use, high quality product which has been proven over the last 15 years.

What should you know about the Micronic Capcluster - 96?

  • Superior sealing up to -80°C: After 10 freeze-thaw cycles of -80°C to +21°C, Micronic TPE Push Caps on racked 1.40ml Micronic tubes (both Push Cap tubes and Screw Cap tubes) stay in position and no caps will pop off (ref.: Test Report TR021901).
  • Minimal evaporation: After four weeks of storage in +21°C to accelerate the evaporation process, Micronic tubes capped with Push Caps will show a weight loss of only 0.001 grams (ref.: Test Report TR020701)
  • Reliable delivery times: Is your current push cap supplier out of stock, back ordered, or have lead times of 4-8 weeks? We keep stock of our TPE caps year round so fear no more, with Micronic TPE push caps are readily available for immediate shipment!

Additional Information:

  • Capclusters available in Natural and 12 different colors: Grey, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Green and Black
  • TPE caps in Natural are made out of Medical approved material (USP Class VI certificate)
  • Multi-pierceable without losing its seal integrity
  • Available with split septum to pierce with a pipette tip
  • Small packaging of 40 clusters
  • Resists chemical solvents
  • Class 7 clean room production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free

Read more about the TPE Caplcuster-96 here!

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