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Tube Configurator

4.00ml Range Extension

Micronic has expanded its range of high quality 4.00ml sample storage tubes to now include Non-coded, Alphanumeric coded and 2D Data-Matrix coded formats! Offering a working volume of 2.70ml these tubes provide an ideal solution for storing larger volumes in a wide variety of short-term and long-term sample storage applications. Benefiting from a flat bottom - Micronic 4.00ml tubes also provide an ideal solution for transportation or storage of solid biological samples.

Micronic 4.00ml tubes with a 2D Data-Matrix code permanently laser-etched on the bottom of the tube are the storage medium of choice for customers demanding long-term reliable code reading. The Alphanumeric coded tubes are a great option for customers who just need to identify their samples visually. For labs requiring larger volume storage in a top quality tube - Micronic 4.00ml Non-coded tubes provide a cost-effective solution without compromising sample quality and safety.

The Micronic Screw Caps for tubes in 48-well format are available in 12 colors which is ideal for color coding and quick visual identification. Additionally, the Screw Cap can be closed with a 'single turn' to ease opening and closure during manual processing. The screw caps feature a silicone O-ring providing the most optimal sealing for long-term storage in ultra-low temperatures (vapor phase LN2).

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