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China Opens First Automatic, Deep Hypothermic Biobank

The recently opened Changzheng-Origincell Biological Biobank selected the Micronic 0.75ml, 1.40ml and 3.00ml tissue tubes to store its large collections of multi-type samples which will help push forward medical research on serious diseases including blood and immune system diseases, diabetes and malignant tumors. The biobank, established by the Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and Origincell Technology Group, is China's first deep hypothermic, minus 80 degrees Celsius, and fully automatic biobank for preserving millions of biological samples, marking a new level in China's biological sample storage technology. It will be used for standardized collecting, processing, storing, and utilizing primarily human biological samples including tissue, body fluid, cells, and clinical data for use in medical research.

Zheng Xingdong, the head of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, commented: "We set up the biobank with intelligent controls and automatic storage technology, which can maintain the quality and security of samples without risking human error, and it also has more intensive storage occupying a smaller area."

Watch a short movie about the biobank below.

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