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Tube Configurator

Complete Hybrid Tube Range Now Available

After the launch of the 0.75ml & 1.40ml (96-format) and 2.00ml & 3.00ml (48-format) Hybrid Tubes last year, we now complete the range with the 1.50ml, 3.00ml and 6.00ml (24-format) tube sizes. The Hybrid Tube Range comprises of externally threaded tubes with side coding that thereby uniquely combine automated and visual sample identification.

The utilization of the following 4 coding concepts on one tube guarantees the complete traceability of samples:
  1. White blank surface to write or laser your own sample info
  2. Numeric human-readable on the tube side wall
  3. 1D Barcode on the tube side wall
  4. 2D Data-Matrix code on the tube bottom

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