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Micronic expands 6.00ml Tube Range

Micronic is pleased to announce an expansion of its range of reliable 6.00ml sample storage tubes with internal thread, now featuring Non-coded and 2D Data-Matrix coded formats! The new Non-coded 6.00ml tubes provide a cost-effective solution for low temperature storage without compromising sample quality and safety. The tubes with a 2D Data-Matrix code permanently laser-etched on the bottom are the storage medium of choice for customers demanding long-term traceable sample storage with reliable code reading.

Since the 6.00ml tubes have a working volume of 4.80ml, they are a great solution for labs requiring larger volume storage in a top quality tube. The tubes can be stored in a wide variety of short-term and long-term sample storage applications. Micronic offers the 6.00ml tubes with an inner flat bottom, ideal for transportation or storage of solid (tissue) samples.

Micronic 6.00ml tubes are available in bulk and in the 24-4 rack, and can be used in combination with Screw Caps in 24-well format. Available in more than 12 colors, these Screw Caps provide a standard cap color coding guide for quick visual identification. The Screw Caps feature a silicone O-ring providing the most optimal sealing for long-term storage in ultra-low temperatures (vapor phase LN2).

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