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NEW 2.00ml and 3.00ml Tubes with External Thread Hybrid

We're excited to introduce our 2.00ml and 3.00ml Hybrid tubes, two additions to our innovative hybrid tube range. The new tubes in 48-format guarantee sample traceability, optimize working volume and increase overall sample storage efficiency.

Sample traceability

The transparent part of the tube walls enable easy visual checking of the sample, while the 4 coding concepts guarantee sample traceability. Samples can be identified with the 2D Data-Matrix, 1D barcode, numeric human readable or by the written codes on the white surface of the tube. The unique combination of coding concepts, and the dimensions of the tubes, make the Hybrid tubes extremely versatile. The tubes are compatible with ANSI / SLAS format racks, standard cryo boxes, automated stores and liquid handlers.

Working volume

Externally threaded tubes also allow for a higher volume of material to be stored inside, which means that sample tubes can hold more while occupying the same amount of storage space. Compared to traditional cryo vials of similar dimensions, the 2.00ml and 3.00ml tubes provide 30% - 55% more working volume. The optimized working volume of the tubes increase the storage capacity of manual freezers and automated stores.

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