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Tracxer RD235 CRYO

Micronic has announced a further addition to its popular 'blue-white' Tracxer Code Reader line. The Tracxer Code Reader RD235 CRYO offers a high-end solution for scanning whole racks with 2D Data-Matrix or TraXis coded tubes. Featuring a CCD image sensor the new reader provides unmatched high resolution image quality, ensuring the highest accuracy 2D code reading. The Tracxer Code Reader RD235 CRYO features an anti-frost system which minimizes condensation on the scanner plate. This way, tube codes from even frozen samples can be read, thereby improving productivity and preserving the integrity of your samples.

As with all 'blue-white' Tracxer Code Readers, the RD235 is very easy to use. Just a few clicks of the mouse using the highly intuitive Tracxer Code Reader software allows you to scan a complete rack of 2D coded tubes in 7 seconds and a single tube in less than 2 seconds. Using the Tracxer Code Reader RD235 in conjunction with a Tracxer 1D Rack Barcode Reader BC235 accessory the software allows you to read the 1D rack barcodes and 2D tube codes together.

Next to the Tracxer Code Reader RD235 CRYO, we also introduce the Tracxer Code Reader RS210 CRYO. The Tracxer Code Reader RS210 is a simple and high-performance scanning unit. Due to the small size of the Tracxer Code Reader RS210 the scanner is easily integrated into robotic liquid handling or storage systems. The difference compared to the standard RS210 scanner is the anti-frost system that is integrated in the cryo version.

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