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Tube Configurator

ULT Rack Range

The moment we have anticipated is here - the entire Next Generation Ultra-Low Temperature Tube Storage Rack Range is available!

Drawing upon over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying traceable sample storage solutions to research centers and laboratory facilities, Micronic is proud to launch an entire new Next Generation ULT Tube Storage Rack Range. Absolute traceability and reproducibility on the racks is ensured through novel laser-etched alphanumeric visual located on top of the racks, and a unique laser-etched 1D barcode on the side of the racks. Opening the rack is simple and only requires moving the locker at each end of the cover upwards.

Due to its excellent material properties (Polycarbonate) and new design, the Micronic Next Generation ULT Rack Range is ideal for long-term use in ultra-low temperatures. The new ULT racks are tested and certified to be compatible with the leading sample storage automation systems (-20°C, -80°C and lower temperature stores).

Upon request, the new Micronic Next Generation ULT Rack Range can have its 1D rack barcode customized, and be sterilized by gamma irradiation or Ethylene Oxide Treatment (EO).

Click here for all of the new and unique rack features!

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