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Tube Configurator

Watch how Micronic 0.50ml tubes with 2D codes are used

Micronic 0.50ml Tubes with Internal Thread allow biobanks to save between 35% and 50% of their freezer space. As a consequence, biobanks worldwide use the tubes to efficiently store low volume samples. When the tube is sealed with Micronic Push Caps, the tube can be used down to -80°C. When sealed with Screw Caps, the tubes can be used to store samples down to vapor phase LN2. This makes the 0.50ml tube ideal to store low volume samples in low temperatures.

The Uppsala Biobank in Sweden uses Micronic tubes to store and trace samples. The 2D codes on the bottom of the tubes allow researchers to save information about samples in a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Watch the video below to see how Micronic labware (2:33 - 3:10) is used at the Uppsala Biobank in Sweden.

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