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Micronic 48-4 Rack

The Micronic 48-4 Rack is developed to hold 48 4.00ml tubes with Screw Caps. Next to the standard ANSI/SLAS footprint, the ULT Racks are provided with more features ideal for automation. These features include: an outstanding Twist-Lock design which prevents tubes from turning during screw (de)capping, easy lead-in tube and cover placement, closed side walls with minimal notches for perfect rack orientation, a unique automation-friendly cover lock system with which closing is achieved by simply moving the locker at each end of the cover downwards, and the 1D rack barcode is inseparable with the rack for absolute tracking and tracing of the samples.

Rack height
Height w/ high cover
Chemical resistance
Temperature range

: Highest Purity PC
: 30.0mm
: 55.8mm
: ++/+
: Vapor phase LN2 to +140ºC

Superior features
  • Compatible with the leading sample storage automation systems (-20°C, -80°C and lower temperatures)
  • Extremely strong design which minimizes deformation due to temperature changes
  • Made from Polycarbonate which has excellent properties for low temperatures
  • Autoclavable
  • Based on the ANSI / SLAS standards for storage racks
  • Novel locking system for cryogenic storage: "icebreaker" mechanism
  • Highly transparent cover enables easy visual checking of the enclosed samples
  • Standard available with laser-etched 1D rack barcode (type 128B)
  • Unique laser-etched Alphanumeric coding on top of the rack
  • Rack orientation marks on bottom and side
  • Twist-Lock design prevents tubes from turning during screw (de)capping
  • Class 7 clean room production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free

Available options

  • Sterilization using gamma irradiation or Eto treatment
  • Customized 1D rack barcode

Download more information on the Micronic 48-4 Rack here:
Art. nr. Description Unit
Empty racks
48-well ANSI/SLAS standard format racks
MP51301Micronic 48-4 Rack with high cover for tubes capped with Screw Caps (barcoded A1-F1 side)10 racks
Tubes in Rack
4.00ml Screw Cap tubes Flat bottom, without cap
MP524414.00ml 2D Data-Matrix coded Screw Cap tubes in Micronic 48-4 Rack with high cover (Barcoded A1-F1 side)10 racks
4.00ml Screw Cap tubes Flat bottom, precapped with Screw Cap
MP52441-Z204.00ml 2D Data-Matrix coded Screw Cap tubes precapped with Grey Screw Cap in Micronic 48-4 Rack with high cover (Barcoded A1-F1 side)10 racks

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