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Technical Support

Micronic Equipment Assembly Center

All Micronic equipment is designed and assembled in-house at the Micronic Equipment Assembly Centers in The Netherlands and The United States. Our well-trained personnel also provides service on equipment. These services range from annual maintenance, installation support and customization, to repairs. At Micronic, high quality and a high level of service are of paramount importance. By assembling equipment in-house, Micronic's equipment assembly personnel and engineers have the first-hand knowledge and skills necessary to perform services quickly and smoothly.

If you require technical assistance during installation you can contact our Technical Support Team.

E-mail to or call:
+1 484 480 3372 (Micronic America)
+31 (0)320 277 099 (Micronic Europe)

Our goal is to serve scientists, and that means understanding how precious time can be in your process. Micronic is committed to providing fast, customer focused support on all your technical enquiries.

To help us answering your technical questions quickly we kindly ask you to write down the following information (if available):
  • Product number;
  • Serial number of the device;
  • Version of the software you are running;
  • Version of Windows.
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Get in touch with a Specialist

Micronic America:
+1 484 480 3372
Micronic Europe:
+31 (0)320 277070
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