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Tracxer Code Reading Software

The Tracxer Code Reader Software is fully compatible with all Micronic rack scanners. The user friendly software is easy to install, gives reliable code readings and can be easily integrated into any laboratory sample database. All features are included as standard in the software at no extra cost together with free upgrades and technical support.

The ActiveX toolkit included in the Tracxer Code Reader Software enables users to integrate the Tracxer Software easily into their own laboratory information management systems (LIMS). With the ActiveX toolkit, users are able to activate the scanning process of their Tracxer Code Reader with a function inside their sample management database program.

The Tracxer Code Reader Software also features a single tube reading option. Depending on the type of rack scanner, the Tracxer Software enables you to read a whole rack of tubes or a single tube in on average 5 seconds. Other features include easy configuration of standard ANSI/SLAS format racks filled with 12, 24, 48, 96 or 384 tubes, decoding features (distinguishes between NO CODE or NO TUBE), 1D barcode integration for rack identification and touch screen compatibility.

Download the latest version of the Tracxer Code Reader Software here.

Client system requirements
: Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 (ask us for compatibiliy with older Windows versions)
: USB x2

Superior features
  • Standardly included with the purchase of all Micronic whole rack code readers
  • Free upgrades and technical support
  • User friendly design
  • Easy rack orientation (A1-H12)
  • Compatible with all Micronic 2D coded tubes (Data-Matrix) and with most other brands of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes
  • Compatible with 12, 24, 48, 96, 384-well format tubes
  • Industry standard 2D Data-Matrix decoding algorithm
  • ActiveX tool kit for easy integration into LIMS (e.g. LabCollector)
  • Single tube reading
  • Easy configuration of different storage racks
  • 1D barcode integration
  • Barcoding features (i.e. distinguishes between No Tube / No Code)
  • All Micronic Tracxer Code Readers come standard with 5-years warranty
Download more information on the Micronic Tracxer Code Reader Software here:
Art. nr. Description Unit
MP55114Tracxer Code Reader RS297 for whole rack 2D Coded tubes1 unit
MP55120Tracxer Code Reader RS210 for whole rack 2D Coded tubes1 unit
MP55121Tracxer Code Reader RS210 CRYO for whole rack 2D Coded tubes1 unit
MP55637Tracxer 1D Rack Barcode Reader BC2101 unit
MP55122Tracxer Code Reader RD235 CRYO for whole rack 2D Coded tubes (with CCD image sensor)1 unit
MP55638Tracxer 1D Rack Barcode Reader BC2351 unit

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