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Freeze-Thaw Stability

In research laboratories it is common that samples are thawed in order to take a small amount of material for research. After thawing, the remaining sample is frozen again. This freeze-thaw process can happen many times in a short or long time-period. For this reason, it is important to maintain the sample integrity avoiding weight loss, major tube cracks, and caps coming off the tubes. Micronic Push Cap and Screw Cap tubes with Push Caps are proven to be the best option for the freeze-thaw cycles of -80°C to +21°C.

Micronic Screw Cap tubes and Push Cap tubes with Micronic TPE Push Caps have an excellent freeze-thaw stability showing no weight loss. In addition, the constant seal of Micronic Push Caps without popping off during the freeze-thaw process proves the high standard and reliability of Micronic products compared to competition. Micronic Push Caps are the perfect economical solution for storage.

Request the Micronic Freeze-Thaw Stability Tech Note <here>

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